About Kate Webber

Capturing simple beauty to layered moments all allow me to keep measure with an evolving path. More and more - though not exclusively - my typical choice is to seek these out near or in the water. That said, I'm happy on any outdoor adventures with my cameras. I'm easily drawn in by studies of places or things while also enlivened by the joy of collaborating on portraits.

A native northeasterner, I have called California home for many years. I happily photograph on both coasts, everywhere in between and quite honestly, anywhere in the world I possibly can! 

I have worked professionally for over a decade and am fortunate to have been published widely and picked up some awards along the way for both my still photography and film work.

Available for still and motion pictures, private and corporate art commissions, editorial and marketing projects. Some of my personal projects can be seen here.

For commissions and editioned art prints, please inquire.